Paperclip Ad
Paperclip Ad

Paperclip Ad

Paper Clip Ad

For this class assignment, we were tasked with writing a positioning paper, strategy and copy document for paper clips at the Drake University Book Store. This is the mock-up for my ad.

The Set-up and Development

I had a spark of creativity the night before this was due. I had planned to make an ad featuring Will Forte as MacGruber., but I didn’t think that was a fun challenge. In my living room, I have about five or six magazine ads from the forties, fifties, and sixties. Most of them are either cigarette ads or car rental ads with a few random others. I have always loved old watch ads. Maybe I’ve been interested because I’ve never really needed a watch in my life. 

Earlier this semester I bought a pack of one hundred colored paperclips but never ended up getting the chance to use them. But now I had an idea…


Strategy & Benefits

“Advertising will demonstrate to college students that sometimes the classics are just better. Support will be the near-limitlessly functional yet timeless paperclip. Tone will be smart, suave and exciting.” 
The product benefit is affordable price and versatility. With the right mindset, all you need to take on the world is a paperclip.
The consumer benefit is an organizational tool and an actual tool when the time is right. Where there is one paperclip, there are bound to be more.