Rook Room Radio Ad
Rook Room Radio Ad

Rook Room Radio Ad

The Rook Room Radio Ad

The Presentation

Our team worked to create a multi-faceted presentation to our clients and classmates. The tone of our advertising was fun, light and informative. We thought it was especially important to capture the sense of fun in an engaging way.

I recorded my teammates and myself with a microphone through a zoom conference call and then edited the audio to help the ad present itself properly for the medium.

Listen to the ad in it’s entirety or read the script below.

Client Strategy & Benefits 

“Advertising will demonstrate to young adults that the Rook Room is the place to hang out with friends and to play some games. Support will be the allure of a hands-on gaming experience combined with the affordability and accessibility of the venue. The tone of the advertising will be light and playful.”

Product Benefit is accessibility, tournaments/competition, stimulating activity, large variety of games, support for local business, lots of fun items to purchase/enjoy, sense of community, opportunity to learn/practice various games.

Consumer Benefit is a fun outing, opportunity to sharpen mind/skills, spend time with friends,   good socialization opportunity, unique experience/location, place to eat and/or grab a drink, practice a new or old hobby, good hangout spot

Strategy was written by Taryn Ripple.

About the Rook Room

The Rook Room is an event series and pop-up game bar in Des Moines, Iowa. Their goal is bring the community together for a unique, memorable and fun experience. Everyone is welcome at The Rook Room. Go to to find out more about The Rook Room.